Playtesting Remedy games

Hi everyone,

I work at Remedy Games and we are looking for players to come try out our games in Espoo.

We ask you to play our unreleased games and we get feedback to help us improve them.

We are looking for all skill levels so everyone is welcome.

You won't get paid, but to thank you for your participation, you may be compensated with Remedy swag, cinema tickets or a gift card.

You can sign up here: you have questions, we have a FAQ here:

If you know anybody that would be willing to come playtest at Remedy, feel free the share the sign up link on your social media

Message me if you have any additional questions.

Thank you

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Tiiseri King of Peasants pelistämme. Tulossa pian

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Cyclone gaming R6S

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Stormdivers – Ascend Trailer

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